About me

I wake up every morning looking like this.

Kidding. I am a wife, mom, lingerie/swimsuit lover and travel junkie. I grew up being teased about my weight and looks, and it's taken most of my adult life to finally feel confident in my body. My first set of exceptionally fine lingerie had a major influence on me - unpacking it, exploring the quality and fine details, and trying it on in front of the mirror was confidence-boosting and empowering. Life-changing.

I want to share that same feeling with others. I want to inspire, encourage and embolden women to be confident in ourselves and enjoy the only bodies we will ever have. To prove you don't have to be a celebrity/professional model/twenty something and have a pro photographer/makeup artist/hair stylist on retainer to look and feel amazing. I am not nor have any of those things, yet I manage to feel amazing more days than not. I'm pushing 40, was a late bloomer, I do all my hair and makeup myself, and my husband is my photographer (which is not his day job by any means).

In my experience, finding self-confidence, being more mindful, and embracing self-expression have lead me to enjoy myself, my partner, and my world on higher level and inspired even more positive change in my life. I desire the same for you.

I also want to promote quality minimalism, that it is far better to own a few nice items than a closet full of mass-produced, low-quality clothing. That was my closet for years - I chased sales and bargains, I bought into mass marketing from big name brands, and always thought high-end items were out of reach. I still like a good sale, but I exercise restraint in the name of buying fewer, but better, items. So I try to promote lingerie and swimwear that is handmade, exceptionally beautiful, and worth loving and taking up space in your drawer.

After beginning this blog, the therapeutic and soul-searching nature of writing it helped me take an important step in treating myself and my body with respect: after 14 years with silicone implants, I had them explanted. They were destroying everything beautiful in my life and blocking me from true happiness. You can read my full stories about why I got implants and why I finally had them removed. It is my hope through this blog to inform others, encourage self-respect and share the truth that there truly is #lifeafterbreastimplants.

Finally, I love fitness, dance, eating right, treating my body well, good books, and music. I have strong opinions on all of these but I will generally save those for my private life.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing my thoughts and journey.

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