minimalism is sexy

minimalism is sexy

A few years ago, I moved into a small apartment in South America from my large suburban home in the US for four or five months. I couldn't bring everything because it just wouldn't fit so I was forced to choose the belongings that were most useful and most precious to me. I thought it would be a hardship to be without all the selection I was used to.

Instead it was a blessing.

I learned to live with about 10% of what I had at home. I soon realized that thanks to my limited choices I had more time and energy on my hands both because it was faster and easier to get dressed in the morning and I was spending less effort taking care of material things. And when I returned home, even though I was excited to have access to my closets again, almost everything in them seemed... blah, unnecessary, excessive and even a little overwhelming.

That provided a great learning experience and began my love affair with minimalism -- that is, to buy and have less, but buy better and cherish what I have. Simplifying life down to only those things that are treasured most and focusing on what brings true joy.

My mantra since then has been that it’s better to have a few beautiful, high-quality comfortable pieces than a closet full of stuff that doesn’t align with who I truly am.

Somewhere I read about a CEO who wanted a happy company so he fired all the unhappy people. I'd make a terrible CEO (I could never fire all those people!) but I love the idea of applying that concept to a wardrobe. Every few months I take a look at my wardrobe and ask myself:

  • What pieces make me feel inspired, confident, alive, and radiant?
  • Which pieces are no longer aligned with my personal style and the woman I desire to be?

And when I shop I go with a purpose such as replacing a worn-out item or buying something for a special event which keeps me from “just browsing” and spending money and time on cheap or trendy pieces that I don’t truly want.

Since lingerie is the cornerstone of any wardrobe, especially a refined, high-quality one, I also edited my bras and undies down to the shapes and fabrics that I like best and work for me and my lifestyle. I ditched imperfect, ill-fitting, worn-out pieces and determined that 18 pairs of undies and six bras are plenty for my everyday essentials collection (bras can be worn more that once per washing, just not on consecutive days so as to retain shape). That is enough to get me through a week or more without having to do laundry. I also have a few items like two strapless bras and a bustier that I don't count in that number since they are reserved for special cases in my wardrobe and therefore aren't worn often.

If you've seen my Instagram feed you may have noticed that I likely have more "special occasion" lingerie than most women. I justify that by the fact that those don't take up much space, they are relatively low maintenance (most are hand wash, but at least they don't require ironing), and they make me happy... pretty lingerie is obviously a hobby of mine! Plus I want to be the kinda gal that has a bountiful box of hot to trot lingerie on hand when sexy opportunities and romantic encounters present themselves.

Speaking of that special occasion lingerie hobby of mine, peeling off the layers of excess and making room for the things that I love most definitely helped me get to know the real me. Removing everything that didn’t matter made it easier to create a lifestyle (that I love) with what does matter. That is a massive confidence booster and is how I went from being shy and unhappy to bearing my bits for all to see and finding what makes me happy (being creative, pretty lingerie, and encouraging other women to embrace their skin and femininity).

If you're holding onto excess memorabilia (like that unflattering chemise that conjures up unhealthy memories of your ex) and wistfully pining for the past (I'm looking at you pre-pregnancy bras...) make a vow to let go. Let go of any clutter suffocating your life, of clothes that represented you 10 years ago, and underwear that hasn't fit since Y2K. It's not about dwindling down your wardrobe to nothing but more about appreciating what you have and making more thoughtful decisions. If you are selective when it comes to purchasing new underwear pieces (and any other wardrobe addition) and ruthless when it comes to editing your selection you'll find time and space open up and enjoy more abundance and freedom because you're no longer wasting money and energy buying useless stuff.

In this day and age of excess and a voracious appetite for “more” and “better”, I've found minimalism to be a breath of fresh air amongst clutter and excesses, even in lingerie, and I hope you do too. Because simple is not only sexy -- it's enough, and so are you.

What I'm Wearing

Ambra Corsetteria - Platinum Bra, Suspender and Shorty

Ambra, an Italian brand exclusively and proudly handmade in Italy, launched in 1962 as a little corset workshop. It has developed into a high-quality lingerie line with the original family still involved in the business and has managed to retain its focus on innovative design, quality materials and needlework, and above all attention to detail.
Jimmy Choo - Cosmic Patent Platform Pumps

Sympatico - Fashion Stay-ups, 20 den

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seduce yourself

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if the boob fits...