color yourself beautiful

color yourself beautiful

Since starting a lingerie and bikini blog, I've become aware of just how many different brands and styles are out there. It can be overwhelming. You know that I advocate for buying quality over quantity so if you're just starting a love affair with lingerie what should you invest in?

Whether to opt for a full cup, demi cup, underwire, bralette, strappy, vintage, peek-a-boo, cutout, lace, latex, sheer, or longline bra is worthy of a post on its own. Maybe I'll get there one day. Here I want to narrow my comments to color.

The world of lingerie is ruled by two classics: black and white. Whether dainty, naughty, kinky or cute, these two colors comprise the vast majority of lingerie available - and the vast majority of the best lingerie. They look good on any skin tone, any color hair, and they easily complement almost any clothing. The only problem is they are easy to overlook when shopping for lingerie. In stores and online, bright colors and bold prints can attract the eye as easily with lingerie as with food and flowers. Black and white do not have to be boring or plain. They are the perfect backdrop for accent colors or cutouts that reveal skin.

If just beginning a lingerie collection and you are making an investment purchase, I recommend a black set - it'll be your LBD and wearable on almost any occasion. The one exception is your wedding night when white reigns supreme (her loyal subjects being soft greys, lavenders, and light blues).

Once you have at least one each of a black and a white set, keep your eyes peeled for nudes and red. Nude colors can be finicky based on skin tone, but the right hue evokes an easy-Sunday-morning effeminate vibe that just oozes delicacy. Her polar opposite cousin is a fiery cherry red. If there is a classic for Saturday nights and Valentine's Day, it's the color of love. But whereas nude is effortless, red is bold and loud - it should be saved for special occasions or risk becoming overexposed.

Pinks, dark blues, purples and greens fall into the third tier and you should be quite sure of your selection if paying a week's worth of rent on a set. These colors are very personal and chances are you already know if they look good on you or not. Lingerie collectors and fanatics will almost certainly have a few in their closets - and some might even be favorites - but they do not have to be for everybody.

Oranges and yellows are very particular and substantially rare. They are a challenge for designers to make without coming off looking cheap and aimed at girls too young to be wearing lingerie. I've owned an orange or yellow panty or two in my day, but I've yet to come across a set that I could recommend.

Prints, florals and multi-colors are difficult to classify. They really depend on each individual lingerie piece. Animal prints can come across as wild and edgy or tawdry and cliché. Florals include gorgeous needlework fit for princesses as well as Grandma's frock. Splashes of different color give off playful, youthful vibes but there are also ghastly combinations that distract rather than enhance. It really depends. But the better looking sets belong more or less in the third tier, with pinks, dark blues, purples and greens - fine if you are confident in your taste and how it pairs with your features.

So stock up on blacks and whites, expand with nudes and reds, and round out with prints, multi-colors, pinks, greens, dark blues or purples. Having a strategy will help you spend wisely and seduce regularly. :)

What do you think? I'd love to hear your take on colors and lingerie in the comments section below.

What I'm Wearing

Agent Provocateur's Laretta (black lace), Bethanie (nude flowers), Felinda (print) and Pammie (pink)

Freolic's Sophie (black balconette)

Reckless Wolf's Prey (white)

Gooseberry's Bodysuit (nude)

Anna Pardal's Florence (red floral, discontinued)

Marie Jo's Lauren (red)

Chantelle's Vendôme (red)

Aubade's Jardin des Delices (blue floral)



Sealing the Deal

Sealing the Deal

who made my knickers?

who made my knickers?