going small

going small

After my surgery to remove my implants for good, I was really anxious about how I would look. I think that's pretty understandable, but I was certain that no matter how I turned out that I could regain some sexiness with the right lingerie.

Only, what was the right lingerie?

I had been accustomed to demi-cups, balconettes, push-ups -- virtually any bra with an underwire. Those were what still caught my eye when I began shopping for a brand new wardrobe. But whenever they would arrive in their pink or white or black little boxes, the fit just wasn't there. My itty bitty titties had taken on a ski-slope curve, and as amazingly soft as my breast tissue was, there just wasn't a lot of it above my nipples. I made several disappointed returns.

I needed to broaden my search from the big name brands I had typically shopped and start exploring new and different types of lingerie. About that time, I got a very sweet message from Agnese, of Agnese Genteel Nightgowns, asking if I wanted to collaborate. I loved the idea of working with the person sewing the lingerie directly, but she had no idea I'd gone from busty to tiny-on-top. So I told her about my surgery, half expecting the message conversation to go silent. But she enthusiastically did not care one bit, and we agreed to set something up. I let her choose the style and colors based on what she could see from my feed, and a few weeks later a cute little package of bespoke lingerie arrived at my door.

(I should say that I failed one part of the deal: I did not remeasure my waist and hips when giving her my stats, and apparently I'm carrying a little holiday weight. I'm not sure which holiday, but one of them. If any of the bottoms look tight in the photos, that is on me - she made them perfectly to the specifications I sent her. Measure before buying bespoke!)

She sent three sets, and given that I didn't have accurate measurements for my chest yet each of the tops were one-size-fits-all. The black and white lace top is so cute I've worn it out with jeans, so it pulls double-duty. The strappy black tulle panties are super sexy and I can't post the best pictures without giving you all the full monty (I'm not ready to show the internet my vajajay). And the black flower romper is a fun little thing that left me feeling flirty and beautiful all over. I would love to get a bralette in the same style.

Agnese prides herself on making one-of-a-kind pieces from luxury fabrics and her gorgeous robes are her specialty. She is a small producer and does all the design and sewing herself. Although she has an Etsy shop, her real draw is she often works directly with her customers to design unique lingerie fit perfectly to their bodies and their style. She lacks an advertising department, models, focus groups, a staff of designers, or overhead of nearly any sort - and that is reflected in her prices. It was refreshing to have a direct connection with the woman behind the creativity and fabrication of my lingerie. There is no doubt who made these knickers.

So I've gone small, both in bust and in buying. I'm enjoying exploring bespoke, hand-made garments that I know were not made in a sweatshop and whose proceeds directly support the human being doing the actual hard work, rather than lining the pockets of executives. Agnese is an artisan in the truest sense - not just marketing hullabaloo - and I feel lucky to have my very own lingerie designer available to make me whatever my heart desires. You can too. ;) Check her out on Insta or support your favorite Etsy lingerie maker, and tell them I sent you. xoxo

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Agnese Genteel Nightgowns:

Black and White Lace Lingerie Set

Black Harness Strappy Top and Panties

Black Flower Romper and Panties

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Hot Jeanbi Lace D'Orsay Pumps

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